Munster Star Shows His Class With Wonderful Gesture To Young Fan On His Birthday

This is top class.

Munster and Ireland winger Andrew Conway showed his class this weekend with a truly wonderful gesture to a young fan.

It all came about when William, a die hard Munster fan, wrote a brilliant school project on the history and passion of Munster Rugby, with Conway featuring as his hero.

His mother decided to send a copy to Andrew and she was blown away by his response. The talented back decided to organise for William to attend the PRO12 semi-final on Saturday, with seats just metres away from the try line where Conway grabbed the final score of the game.

He also organised to meet Williams in the reception after the game, signed his match jersey and gave it to him as a gift before posing for a lovely photo. Absolutely top class from Conway, no doubt young William will never forget this day.

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