Munster Fans Will Love Jaco Taute Even More With These Latest Comments

Jaco Taute has been an absolute revelation at Munster this season.

The South African centre moved to Munster at the start of the season on a short-term contract, with Francis Saili on the sidelines but ended up extending his deal until the remainder of the season such was his form and impact on the squad.

This weekend he gets his first ever taste of European knockout rugby and it’s pretty safe to say he’s pumped for the occasion.

“The place is buzzing and the team is ready,” he says.
“All the players are ready and you can feel the excitement around. We will probably have to take it back a notch so we don’t overdo it, but yes, there’s definitely excitement and the guys are ready to go.
You can feel that energy, it’s just a special week.”

Taute’s participation in this game however, wasn’t looking good a couple of months back, with the centre expected to move back home at the end of his original deal. Thankfully for Munster and Taute, the IRFU allowed them to extend the deal.

When asked how he would feel today if his contract was up before he got a chance to play in the quarter final Taute said:

“I think I would have cried,”

What an absolute legend. Munster are lucky to have him.


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