Most Common Prop Bets Made During Rugby Matches

Most Common Prop Bets Made During Rugby Matches

Rugby, a sport synonymous with strength, strategy, and stamina, has caught the eye of the global betting industry. Prop bets, short for “proposition bets”, have become a popular form of wagering in this thrilling sport. These bets have nothing to do with the game’s final outcome but are rather based on individual player performance and specific game events.

A prop bet, distinct from the traditional wager, is a unique opportunity to scrutinize the game under a different lens. It gives fans an extra dose of excitement, making the game a lot more than just a victory or loss. Here’s a rundown of the most common prop bets made during rugby matches.

First Team to Score

The first team to score is a popular prop bet in the realm of rugby betting. As the name suggests, you’re betting on which team will put points on the board first. It’s not just about luck, though; it involves a good understanding of the teams’ styles and strategies. Typically, more aggressive teams with strong offensive capabilities are favored in this type of bet.

Individual Player Performance

Individual player performance prop bets are increasingly popular. These bets can range from predicting a player’s total tries, conversions, penalties, to tackles. Here, a thorough knowledge of the player’s form, skills, the use of promotional codes or bonuses like the BetMGM bonus code, and understanding the style of play can pay off significantly.

Highest Scoring Half

Avid rugby watchers and bettors love this prop bet. Here, the wager is on whether the first or the second half will yield more points collectively for both teams. The halftime pep talks, fatigue factors, and change in game plans often turn the tide of the match, making the second half higher-scoring in many cases. But remember, it’s not a rule of thumb. A clear-eyed study of the teams’ trends is paramount.

First Try Scorer

Betting on the first player to score a try is another prevalent prop bet. This bet requires an in-depth understanding of individual players, their form, skills, and tactics. Backing a player who’s on a hot streak or a key player who is known for his try-scoring ability could be a profitable decision.

Total Points Scored

This bet involves wagering on the total points scored in the match by both teams. The bookmaker usually sets a line, and the bettor has to predict if the actual points will be over or under that line. This bet takes into account the defensive and offensive capabilities of both teams and their historical performances.

Total Tries Scored

Similar to the total points prop bet, this one involves betting on the total number of tries in the match. It requires insight into the teams’ try-scoring capabilities and strategies. The dynamism of rugby makes this bet quite an interesting one as tries can occur at any moment and rapidly change the complexion of a game.

Last Team to Score

On the flip side of the first team to score bet, this prop bet focuses on the last team to score in the match. This bet often correlates with the team’s resilience and ability to perform under pressure.

Time of First Try

This prop bet takes predicting game events to another level. In the ‘Time of First Try’ bet, you wager on when the first try of the match will be scored. Bookmakers often present this bet in ranges such as 0-20 minutes, 21-40 minutes, etc. A deep dive into the game’s pace, teams’ aggression levels, and their offensive strategies are key to getting this one right.

Team to Win the Toss

The ‘Team to Win the Toss’ is a straight-up bet that requires no prior rugby knowledge. As the name suggests, you are simply predicting which team will win the toss at the start of the match. Given that this is largely down to chance, it adds a sprinkle of lottery-like excitement to the betting experience.

First Scoring Play

Another prop bet that bettors frequently make is on the type of the first scoring play – whether it will be a try, penalty, or drop goal. This bet requires an understanding of a team’s usual approach when they are near the scoring line. Some teams might be more inclined to attempt a try, while others might aim for a safe penalty kick.


In conclusion, prop bets add another level of intrigue to rugby matches. They enhance the viewing experience by transforming certain aspects of the game into thrilling micro-competitions. However, successful prop betting in rugby, like in any sport, requires a good grasp of the game’s nuances, teams, and individual players. So, as you consider venturing into the exciting world of rugby prop bets, remember to research well and bet responsibly.

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