Stuart McCloskey hits out at ‘childish’ Stephen Ferris following post on X

Not impressed.

Ulster centre Stuart McCloskey has hit out at former player Stephen Ferris over a ‘childish’ Tweet that he says “helps absolutely no one.”

Ferris posted an image on Saturday evening following Ulster’s quarter final defeat to Clermont Auvergne in the Challenge Cup comparing Ulster teams from 2014 and 2024, of which Ferris was part of the former.

McCloskey responded by calling the post childish and unhelpful, stating that his comparison serves no positive purpose.

“This is honestly something a 12-year-old would do Stephen Ferris, helps absolutely no one,” McCloskey said.

Ferris responded by saying that his initial post was meant to stimulate discussion and not cause any controversy or undermine the current Ulster team’s efforts.

“My tweet was to start a trivial debate between 2 teams that lost a quarter-final, but 10 years apart. Fans have favourite players from the past & present, who you are one of. Your reply has turned this thread into something it was never supposed to be,” Ferris said.

What do you think? Who do you agree with?

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