Matt Williams Absolutely Slates Officials From Leinster Vs Saracens Game


Former Leinster and Scotland coach Matt Williams has absolutely slated the officials from the Leinster vs Saracens game, after they failed to protect Johnny Sexton, who was the subject of a number of questionable hits on Sunday.

Players of Sexton’s calibre are always going to targeted. But as far as Williams is concerned, Sexton is getting “hit lat every game” he plays and something needs to be done.

“It was the officials who were at fault,” Williams said speaking to the Second Captains podcast on Monday.

“Sexton has to be looked after. Officials have to know going into a game that he’s getting hit late.”

“He’s not getting hit late one or twice – everyone gets hit late once or twice – but Johnny Sexton is getting hit late every game.”

“It’s right out of order at the moment. Once or twice, yeah. Why that official didn’t act on Wigglesworth’s hit is beyond me.”

Williams reckons going forward, Leinster should be putting pressure on officials to ensure Sexton is not treated “illegally and with foul play.”

“If I was Mick Dawson, the CEO of Leinster, I’d be putting some pressure on the referee before the game, in a nice way, saying, ‘Listen, you’ve got to make sure that this world class player is not being treated illegally and with foul play’ – because he is.

“I thought there were a couple of very, very poor decisions as far as looking after the well-being of a player on the field. The officials should hang their heads in shame. You’d certainly hope that in future justice is done.”

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