Massive Shake-Up Planned In Welsh Rugby That Will Change It Forever


Welsh Rugby is set for a radical overhaul with proposals on the table which would see the contracting of all players by a new joint body made up of the four regions and the WRU.

The Welsh Rugby Union are putting plans in place for this huge shake-up in a bid to to provide a sustainable future for the four existing pro teams – the Ospreys, Scarlets, Cardiff Blues and Dragons, according the Wales Rugby Online.

It would see Wales moving closer towards the model which operates in countries like Ireland and New Zealand, where the Union has control over the professional clubs, pooling all resources together and dividing accordingly.


There would be a pooling of income across the board, including TV revenue, into one pot from which players would be paid. That pot would be managed and run by the new body made up of the four clubs and the WRU.

The Welsh Rugby Union has already put an agreement in place which seen around £1m saved over the past year by joint deals on areas like insurance, medical supplies and even stationery, with the new proposal acting as an overall extension on this.


The regions would still retain their independence and autonomy, while there are no plans for any name changes. There would also still be scope for private investment into individual regions.

Discussions have begun between the WRU and the regions over the proposed revamp with further meetings scheduled over the coming weeks.

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