Martyn Williams Recalls Absolutely Hilarious Gavin Henson Dressing Room Story


This is brilliant.

We’ve heard some pretty insane Gavin Henson stories over the years. The former Wales and Lions star was a mercurial talent in his day, but was a little too fond of his appearance and celebrity status, which intern led to his downfall.

Henson had it all and could have gone on to be one of the very best, had he worried about his game more than he worried about his hair and appearance, former Lions and Wales flanker illustrates this in a brilliant dressing room story that featured on WalesOnline’s brilliant live questionnaire panel yesterday.


“It was Wales v England 2005. Gavin Henson kicked his kick that day for us to win 11-9 but a lot of people forget he wasn’t our regular goalkicker, that was Stephen Jones.

“We gave it to him because he was so confident and we kind of knew he wouldn’t miss.

“And we knew he was confident because of what happened just before kick-off in the dressing room when we were in a huddle ready to go out onto the pitch.

“We noticed one person was missing. It was Gav – he was in the toilet.

So Alfie told me to go and get him. I stuck my head in and there was Gav looking in the mirror carefully putting his hair into place!

“‘Gav, come on!’ I said.

“I went back out and a few more moments passed and there was still no sign of him.

“So Alfie went back in and told him to get a move on.

“He just looked at him and said: ‘Alf, your mother and father have come to watch you play today but there’s 72,000 out there who have come to watch me!’

You just couldn’t make this stuff up! Absolutely hilarious.

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