Liverpool Manager Reveals His Football Team Are Using Rugby Training Methods


Jurgen Klopp has revealed how Liverpool FC have been roughing up goalkeeper Loris Karius in training in order to get him accustomed to life in the football Premier League.

Goalkeeping coach John Achterberg has been pictured at their Melwood training facility vigorously challenging the German shot-stopper for high balls while holding a rugby tackle bag.

It’s all part of Liverpool’s plan to get Karius used to the physical nature of England’s top-flight.


Klopp said:

“John Achterberg usually does it with his hands but it’s better to use something else!

“Of course that’s important. There are different things you have to do as a coach.

“First, as a keeper you have to learn the technique then you have to adapt to the real circumstances – having six, seven players around you.

“No-one gets out of your way. It is completely the opposite. They want to disturb your way.

“That wasn’t a specific preparation for Crystal Palace. It was specific training for goalkeepers in the Premier League.

“West Brom was the same, it was pretty much the same against Manchester United. That’s goalkeeping life. You can’t change this.

“You can’t say no long balls in the box and if there are then immediately whistle. That’s not how it works so we need to prepare the boys and that’s what John is doing.”

Hopefully more managers will follow suit and footballers might finally start toughening up?

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