Lions Boss Says They Could Drop A Nation From The Squad If Issues Not Resolved

A British & Irish Lions squad without England?

Premiership clubs have been warned that the Lions could leave out England players from future squads unless the row over the structure of tours is resolved.

John Spencer, the Lions tour manager has said that moves from Premiership rugby to reduce future tours from 10 to eight games and six to five weeks is “madness” and it would put the entire concept in jeopardy. Spencer claimed demands by the Premiership clubs for future tours to be cut from six to five weeks could result in a scenario where England players were left out.

When asked if he could see future tours leave England players out, Spencer, said:

“Yes I can. I would dread the day when it became divisive like that.
“We have in our VIP party a couple of [Premiership club] owners, David Morgan and Derek Richardson. These guys understand the Lions. I wouldn’t like it to be divisive like that.
“All it needs is a few sensible heads to sit around a table and talk about it and I am sure there are people in the Premiership who understand the Lions and who want it to succeed, just as they want their own countries to succeed. But we have to sit down and talk about it pretty quickly.”


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