Limerick Chipper Recalls Brilliant Anthony Foley Heineken Cup Story


This is fantastic.

Usually when any sports team wins a major cup, the first port of call is to fill it with beer! In 2006 when Munster finally lifted the Heineken Cup, Anthony Foley had something else in mind however.


Limerick chip shop owner Luigi Orlandi, who owns famous Limerick chipper, ‘Luigi’s’ told of how Foley insisted he fill the Heineken Cup up with chips for all his teammates.

“When Anthony led Munster back to Limerick in 2006 as European champions, he insisted that instead of champagne, he’d fill the cup with something better. Anthony and a few of the team came in as they went around the pubs with the huge cup.

“Anthony asked me to fill the cup with my best crispy chips. I thought I’d have to get a garden shovel to fill the cup. When I’d done the order, they headed off to Rasher’s pub up the street with the cup full of my best chips.”


Donal Mulcahy, owner of Rasher’s pub, said:

“Anthony came in with Paul O’Connell and a lot of the team and when they produced the cup I realised it was full of Luigi’s piping hot chips. The chips were great soakage for the liquid celebration they were having.”

Another fantastic memory of the late, great, Anthony Foley. He was truly one of a kind. [Irish Examiner]

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