Leo Cullen Takes A Swipe A French & English Clubs’ Unsustainable Spending

“How do you compete with that?”

Leo Cullen has taken aim at French and English clubs and their spending habits, ahead of their Champions Cup opener this weekend. The Leinster boss has questioned their unsustainable models of spending.

Speaking at a press conference over the weekend, Cullen says there’s absolutely no way Leinster can compete in the way some of the other teams do financially speaking.

“Saracens, you see their accumulated losses: £5m, £5m, £6m, £5m, £4m… This is while they are at the top of the European game. The model is different. How do you compete with that? We don’t compete the same (way),” said Cullen.
“We have our way of doing things, and that’s a sustainable model that we have. We can’t control what other teams do, we can’t accumulate €50m of losses. That’s not the way it works.
“I think Saracens have this thing called making memories, but it’s making memories and racking up a huge debt at the same time.
“So that’s a challenge, but that’s the teams we’re up against.”

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