Leinster & The Crusaders Link Up In Fascinating Arrangement During Lockdown

Best in the world.

As far as club rugby is concerned, they don’t come much better than Leinster and the Crusaders – but what would happen if the two teams ever met?

Unfortunately, that is not something we will see in the not too distant future but with the if the game can align with a new global rugby calendar it could be a possibility in the long-term.

In the meantime, the two clubs linked up during lockdown for a fascinating project that is sure to improve them both massively.

Leinster coach Stuart Lancaster reached out to the Crusaders and their boss Scott Robertson a few months back and arranged a number of calls between the two clubs who began to analyse each other as if they were going to play – sharing each other’s findings in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

Speaking yesterday, Leinster assistant coach Robin McBryde said the whole process really got them thinking as a coaching group.

“It was over a month really with Zoom calls with the coaches,” McBryde said via The42.

“We presented on where we felt we could have exploited them and, similarly, they did the same to us the following week. It was great to share ideas and it was very open.

“It couldn’t have been more open as an exercise really and it certainly got us thinking as a coaching group and trying to implement one or two things that we took from that exercise.

“They’re a much-respected coaching team. There are certain links in there – you’ve got [former Wales international] Mark Jones, who I know pretty well, he’s coaching the defence there. There are other links as well behind the scenes. 

“I’m still in touch with Jason Ryan, their forwards coach. It’s great to share ideas and explore different ways of doing things.”

Who would you bet on to win if the two clubs ever met in a match?

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