Legendary Lion Slams Current Tour Format

Do it right, or don’t do it at all.

Legendary British & Irish Lion Willie John McBride has slammed the current format of the tour, stating that if it isn’t going to be ‘killed’ then more time must be set aside for a proper build up.

Much as been said about the current tour, with the Lions playing a game three days after arriving due to scheduling, followed by another game just three days later.

McBride thinks you need 12-14 games as opposed to the current 10 games, with the tour also stretched out to make sure there is adequate time to prepare for these games and rest in between.

“It takes you at least seven days to feel right again after going over there,” McBride told the Belfast Telegraph
“The Lions are only going to be getting there now and they’ve already played twice.
“If you’re going to have a proper Lions tour, and I don’t regard this as a proper tour, you have to have at least 12 or 14 games with a proper build in too the Test matches.
“If the whole thing isn’t going to be killed, every four years we need to set other things aside and make sure we can have more games.
“It’s about building a team, building combinations, building relationships, and that takes time for anyone.

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