Keith Wood Recalls Brilliant Story About The Time BOD Knocked Out Austin Healey


Newstalk’s Off the ball roadshow is in Limerick tonight with guests Keith Wood, Brian O’Driscoll and Dwayne Peel all chiming in with some fantastic rugby tales of old.

The three lads got talking about the 2001 Lions tour and the time Austin Healey got his comeuppance. Healey was apparently an absolute pain on the tour and decided to pick on Ronan O’Gara and his misfortunes after the former Munster outhalf was on the wrong end of a vicious beating from Duncan McRae.

Healey thought it would be funny to call ROG out for a boxing match and low and behold up stepped a babyfaced O’Driscoll to take the challenge. Wood described it as his favourite moment of his Lions history as BOD proceeded to put Healey back in his box quite literally.

“I have to say it is one of my favourite Lions memories. You look at him now and he’s got a little soft face on him. It was after Duncan McCrae beat the crap out of ROG. It was lunacy, he just absolutely lost it,” Keith Wood told Off The Ball on Newstalk.

“Austin came in and he was being an unbelievable pain in the a**e. I mean beyond all belief. He was touching ROG’s face and saying ‘c’mom Rog, let’s have a little boxing match.,, c’mon c’mon’.

“ROG just said ‘p**s off, just leave me alone, get away from me’ and then suddenly this little voice peeps in… ‘I’ll have a bit of that,’ says Drico and they put on a pair of boxing gloves and Drico beat the living crap out of him.”

O’Driscoll chimed in to say he stopped the fight only because he didn’t want Healey ending up looking like ROG ahead of their next game.

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