Keith Wood Recalls Hilarious Scrap With Peter Clohessy

The AIL days.

Keith Wood was once again part of the panel for the Off The Ball Roadshow last night and was in his usual brilliant form. The former Ireland, Munster and Lions hooker is a regular on the show and has delivered some brilliant stories over the years.

His latest brings us all the way back to the days of himself and Peter Clohessy playing All Ireland League. The pair has been on tour with the Barbarians, but were released midway to play some club rugby.

One week they were teammates, the next they were tearing lumps out of each other.

“I had a fight with ‘Claw’ and we were both playing for the Baa Baas. We’d both been picked to play for the Baa Baas the following week against South Africa,” Keith Wood said in Cork last night.
“So that’s seven days later and we get into a scrap in an AIL game where I get knocked into the crowd by Claw, tipped me over. I got so many punches in the head from the crowd and Eoin Doyle was the referee and I got pulled out.
“Claw pulled me back out again and the two of us are standing there with our arms over each other’s shoulders, having a chat as all the other 28 players are pucking the heads off each other.
“It was actually brilliant. It was amazing stuff, it really was.”

Absolute classic.


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