Julian Savea Makes A Decision On His Future

Going nowhere.

Julian Savea has decided to stay with the Hurricanes next season, despite playing second fiddle for most of the season to he likes of Nehe Milner-Skudder and Wes Goosen, and losing his place in the All Blacks squad.

The New Zealand Herald recently revealed that Savea has a clause in contract that allows him to leave the Hurricanes midway through his four-year New Zealand Rugby contract. The Chiefs were believed to have been pursuing Savea by trying to convince him he needed a change of scenery to reignite his career.

I’ve decided to stay with the Hurricanes,” Savea told the NZ Herald.
“With everything that’s been going on over the past year I know in my heart that’s the best place to get my rugby back.

“Whatever I need to do to get my spot back I will and I’m excited by that challenge.
“I weighed up everything. I know in my heart this is home. There’s family and we’re just about to have a kid. Regardless if I did decide to go anywhere I still needed to perform well.”

In relation to the Chiefs offer, Savea says it was tempting.

“When you have that option it definitely is tempting. I put a lot of things on the table. There was only one other franchise I was looking at. I know if any team is going to help me get back to the best it is the Hurricanes,” he said.

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