Josh Van Der Flier On Ireland’s Unique Haka Challenge & Whose Idea It Was

Challenge accepted.

Ireland flanker Josh van der Flier has revealed it was captain Rory Best who led the team in linking arms last night and taking on step towards New Zealand’s famous Haka.

The Leinster star has admitted there was symbolism in Ireland’s actions, representing the fact that they “weren’t going to take a backward step the whole game.”

Speaking following Ireland’s 16-9 victory over the All Blacks, van der Flier says Ireland were not going to “accept being bullied” by the world champions last night.


“I think it just represented the fact we weren’t going to take a backward step the whole game.” van der Flier said

“That’s what Rory Best said to us, we wanted to go after them, not step away, not accept being bullied by them.”

“That was part of it and then I suppose it’s a pretty special moment as a team all being together and watching something as historic as the Haka. So it’s quite cool.”

“You watch any game New Zealand play, they are incredibly physical, so we knew we had to come out and go after them.”

“We knew we couldn’t sit back, we went out to go after them and really put pressure on them.”

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