Jonathan Davies’ Brother Didn’t Hold Back After His Disastrous Kick Against England

Absolutely savage.

Jonathan Davies has been having a good Six Nations so far, but no matter what he does, his kick against England is what he’ll be remembered for in this campaign.

The Welsh centre was tasked with booting the ball into touch with his side scrambling in defence and leading against England with just minutes left on the clock. Davies however, missed touch, allowing England to counter attack and grab the winning score.

You’d imagine after such a horrible moment for the Lions star, he could rely on a bit of family support- not a chance. Davies brother and Scarlets teammate James send him a text after the game, and he didn’t hold back in ripping the absolute piss.

“My brother, he’s a bit of a character and he did text me, ‘well played but make sure you take off your Toblerone boots next time,'” Davies told Matt Dawson’s Rugby Show, due to be aired on Thursday night on Radio Five Live.

Ah brotherly love. Thankfully Davies says he’s moved on since the incident and won’t let it get him down.

[Wales Online]

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