Johnny Sexton Speaks Out About The Constant Concussion Rumours


Is Johnny Sexton still suffering from the after effects of a history of head injuries?

The Leinster outhalf was in the headlines almost every day throughout this year’s Six Nations, with fears for his health and well-being.

Speaking today in the Irish Examiner, the former Racing outhalf has spoken out to clear up the debate and insist that he is fit and healthy, referring to the 12-week break he took following a succession of head injuries.

No one wants to take 12 weeks off when you feel you can recover. In hindsight, it was a great thing to do for me, for my career long-term. I haven’t had any problems since, despite what gets reported.

Sometimes you can get a bang on the head and other times you can have serious concussion so I have said I have had two bad ones. Then other people said I had four and had to take a break, but two of the ones that happened weren’t that bad. The neurologist knew that but still felt that they were substantial enough to include them within the remit.

All the stuff that was reported really wasn’t true and it creates a perception about you. I suppose if I was out of contract, clubs wouldn’t even consider talking to me last year with all the stuff that was in the papers. They wouldn’t have made any offers. The people don’t consider that.

They just throw out that ‘this guy suffers from concussion’. I don’t. I had one issue that season and it was put to bed and I haven’t had any since. It’s doesn’t help that people give an opinion without any expert . . . and it’s not just some media, it is ex-players. It is frustrating and it is disappointing. They could pick up the phone and ask me but sometimes they don’t want the answer before they go on about it.

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