Johnny Sexton Says Dan Biggar Tricked The Referee On Saturday With His ‘Sportsmanship’


Wales outhalf Dan Biggar was praised on Saturday following his “cracking sportsmanship” after his intercept in the game against Ireland almost resulted in a try only for an incredible last-ditch tackle from Robbie Henshaw.

With almost half an hour on the clock and Ireland leading 7-3, Biggar plucked a Johnny Sexton pass from the air and raced half the length of the pitch only to be stopped in his tracks by Henshaw on the line, aided by some brilliant work from Rob Kearney to prevent the outhalf from touching down.

Referee Mathieu Raynal was then set to go to the TMO to check if the ball had been grounded, but Biggar told him not to bother and was lauded for his honesty at the time. Wales were then awarded a 5-metre scrum for the ball being held up and scored their first try not long after to make it 10-7.

But it appears there was more to Biggar telling the referee not to check the TMO. According to Johnny Sexton – Biggar was offside for the intercept (and it looks like it was) and he knew it.

“It was very clever by him you know when he didn’t score he said to the ref straight away – when I was asking him to check the offside – Dan [Biggar] said ‘Oh it was no try, sir.” Sexton told Off The Ball.

“He knew that if he went back and checked the try he would go back and check for offside, we would have had a penalty in front of the sticks,”

The Ireland outhalf however, saw the funny side of it and had a laugh with Biggar after the game. We’re not sure he would have felt the same though had Ireland lost!

“It was unbelievably clever by him and I was fuming. I was saying to the ref ‘He is tricking you!’” Sexton added.

“So I had a good laugh with Dan after that anyway. He’s a clever player and he knew he was probably going to be offside.

“There is a mistake that in a big game could cost you the game, but there is nothing I could have done about it,”

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