Johnny Sexton Has Struck Up An Unlikely Friendship At Lions Camp

The beauty of the Lions.

Dan Biggar and Johnny Sexton are usually the fiercest of rivals. Two of the best playmakers the northern hemisphere have to offer, they meet each other on the battlefield regularly at both club and international level.

But when the Lions tour comes around, rivalries likes this can blossom into friendships as has been the case with these two far as they fly out to New Zealand. Speaking to The Telegraph, Biggar says he and Sexton have been rooming together and have struck up an interesting friendship, although their room is a bit on the narky side!

“I’ve been rooming with Johnny Sexton. It’s probably been the narkiest room in the hotel!”

Owen Farrell is another man possibly fighting for the ten jersey this summer, but all three have already started picking each other’s brains already.

“What I have found interesting with Johnny and Owen is the amount you pick up off them, and that goes for other players as well.
“We’ve been having chats after training and it’s just so interesting how much knowledge the two of them have, how clever their brains are. It gives you another perspective.

As for Sexton and Biggar, they’re already getting on like a house on fire.

“Johnny and I have got on really well, and after playing so often against him, it is good to be on the same side. I am looking forward to challenging him and Owen, and being with them gives you a good perspective on 10 play.
“We are not holding anything back from each other. We are all confident characters who are not afraid to speak our minds and say what we think. That will suit the team well.

Dan Biggar and Jonny Sexton best pals. There’s something we thought we would never see.

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