Johnny Sexton Has His Say On Proposed Condensed Six Nations

Johnny Sexton is the latest star to come out and say a condensed Six Nations would be too demanding on the players.

Courtney Lawes and chairman of The Rugby Players Association Christian Day have been very vocal in their distain at the prospect of cutting on the the Six Nations rest weeks.

The RFU and Premiership Rugby are leading the charge to condense the Six Nations, with the WRU already publicly stating they will not back England, with Scotland expected to follow.

Speaking at the launch of the rebranded Rugby Players Ireland, formerly known as IRUPA, Sexton indicated that he is in favour of the tournament continuing as it currently is, with rest weekends after the second and third rounds.

“I think the way it is now, I played three games in four weeks and it was tough,” said Sexton.
“Your body at the end of it needs a week just to get right, so to suggest playing five games in six weeks or five games in five weeks, it would be pretty demanding.
“The argument people will have is that you need to have the best squad, to have depth, and that’s an argument as well.
From a players’ point of view, from an IRFU point of view, we know we’re going to get looked after no matter what. I think the IRFU have been leading the way in terms of looking after players.
“You only notice that when you go away and don’t have the player welfare programme, you do miss it.”


What do you think? Should the Six Nations remain as is?

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