Johnny Sexton Clarifies His World Cup Comments Earlier This Week With Fresh Quotes

Coming or going?

Ireland captain Johnny Sexton has rowed back on his Rugby World Cup comments this week, labelling them as nothing more than “throwaway” comments.

Sexton surprised everyone when he stated that he might not be still playing by the time France 2023 comes to town, despite the fact that many were led to believe he will make himself available for several more years.

Sexton will be 36 this summer and 38 by the time the World Cup begins but is still Ireland’s number one outhalf with a suitable replacement yet to be found.

But Irish fans can relax a little bit because their talisman might be sticking around yet.

“It was just a throwaway comment in terms of talking about World Cup cycles and the journey that this coaching group are on with this group of players,” Sexton said.

“All I said was that this World Cup cycle would stand to us in the way we’re trying to develop.

“Obviously I don’t have a three-year contract and it’s season by season. So it was nothing really.

“I have always been in the same position. I absolutely love what I do, I am very privileged to do it and I am still loving it, and I will keep playing for now – that has never changed.

“I have spoken about admiration for athletes that have stayed at the top of their game for a long time but you’ve got to be careful with what I said or what someone else said because it can get lost a bit.

“For the moment, I am still motivated – I hope my team-mates and coaches see how motivated I am to train well every day and keep going.”

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