Joe Schmidt’s Interesting Comments On Potential Ringrose & Henshaw Ireland Combo


Joe Schmidt today named his Ireland team to take on Canada.

Leinster prodigy Garry Ringrose is set to finally make his Ireland debut in a new look midfield alongside Ulster’s Luke Marshall. Many fans and media outlets have been begging for Schmidt to give Leinster midfield duo of Ringrose and Henshaw and Ireland start together as they are seen as the long-term pairing for the country.

Schmidt however has come out today and admitted while the thought of the pairing together going forward excites him, we all need to relax a bit. He also bestowed a hug compliment on the duo, likening them to anther famous Leinster and Ireland midfield pairing.


“Robbie was tremendous last week and, looking back at Jared’s game, he made a couple of very telling contributions as well. Those two know each other very well.

“In the end, Robbie and Garry have only played for Leinster together four times. It is a combination they are developing, as such, but whether that’s sufficient… there almost have to be an intuitiveness. You don’t get a lot of time to communicate in those channels.

“It was one of those fantastic things, when I walked into Leinster there was Gordon D’Arcy and Brian O’Driscoll. They didn’t really have a lot to say to each other on the pitch. They just knew, by the body language, where the other guy was going. You get so little time [together] so if you can avoid the need for that communication, you are so much better off.

“That something that, potentially going forward is a really positive thing.”

Safe to say we will eventually see the duo together on the international fold. Just be patient. In Joe we trust.

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