Joe Schmidt Sheds Worrying Light On His Future With Ireland

Long time coming.

Head coach Joe Schmidt has said he will make a final decision on his future with Ireland this Sunday following their final November series clash with the USA.

Schmidt says it’s a decision that “has been a long time coming” and expects to make an announcement early next week.

“It’s a decision that’s been a long time coming” Schmidt said following today’s USA team announcement.

“The family I’ve probably committed most to is this family (Irish Rugby) that I live with in Carton House, as much as the family I live with at home. So we’ve put our heads together and tried to reconcile how we can best maybe cater for both.”

“I know I can’t continue to just go backwards and forwards. To be honest I’ve beaten myself up enough about this decision. I’m probably going to be the most please of anyone when it finally is made.”

If I was a betting man I’d be worried. It sounds like Schmidt may end end his incredible tenure with Ireland once his contract up after the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

But here’s hoping I’m wrong. We’ll find out soon enough.

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