Joe Schmidt Reflects On Ireland’s Bitterly Disappointing Loss To Scotland


Ireland were late to the show before the game had even kicked off.

Joe Schmidt was furious in the build-up to Ireland’s game with Scotland after his side ended up arriving to the stadium 15 minutes late. That delay seemed to rub off onto the game itself, as Ireland were late to show up on the pitch too.

Speaking to RTE after the game, Schmidt says the result is tough to take as Ireland were so off their game, and simply just didn’t show up.

It’s particularly tough to take,” Schmidt told RTÉ

We arrived at the stadium about 10 or 15 minutes late and we were late for most things in the first half.

“We were really well off our game and I think the Scottish attack took advantage of that. They’ve got some very sharp players, especially when they’re given some width.

“I thought we clawed our way back in the second half, I thought we shut down some of that attack. They didn’t score (a try) in the second half but as much as we clawed our way back, it was disappointing to let it slip at the end.

“We had some gilt-edged chances. Rob just put a foot in touch, Jamie almost got to the line. It’s incredibly disappointing but I know that Vern and the Scottish lads will be happy with that to start their campaign.”


Like most observers of the game, Schmidt noted that Ireland’s defence was poor.

“We were very passive, we were very slow to get ourselves set, and that was incredibly disappointing because it’s something that we work incredibly hard on. It will be a tough reflection on Monday.”

“We probably just missed our timing. We haven’t played for a long time and there’s a few changes in there as well since the last time we played.

“You’re always trying to bed things in as best you can in training, but until you actually get into the match arena and that pressure that comes with it, with that very slow ball we were getting in the first half, it does make it very difficult.”

It’s Italy up next for Schmidt’s men and you can be damn sure he will not stand for a performance like that again.

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