Joe Schmidt Fires Warning At England Ahead Of Twickenham Clash

“History doesn’t protect you from the future.”

Ireland are officially 2018 Six Nations champions, but the job is far from over, with a first Grand Slam since 2009 in sight.

Their win over Scotland at the Aviva Stadium yesterday afternoon ensured they remain undefeated at home in the Six Nations since 2013. But Ireland didn’t rely on that impressive record yesterday, they had to go out an beat Scotland on the pitch, and not rely on history.

England are yet to lose at home under Eddie Jones, but Schmidt says that won’t protect them when Ireland come to town next week.

“I guess history doesn’t protect you from the future; we knew that today,” said Schmidt

“We hadn’t lost in five years in the Six Nations here in Dublin. It didn’t protect us, we had to go out and win again today. That’s all part of the challenge.

“We need to go to Twickenham and try to test that record out, I guess.

“But it won’t be uppermost in our thinking because you can be distracted looking back when you need to be moving forward.

“We didn’t feel our five-year run in the Six Nations here protected us.

“And I’m sure Eddie Jones and the boys will be fully focused on winning the game next week.”

What a game we’ve got on our hands next week.

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