Joe Schmidt On What It Takes To Be A Good International Boss

Work ethic.

Ireland head coach Joe Schmidt recently sat down with Ireland football boss Martin O’Neill to discuss both of their sports, and the roles they play as national bosses.

In a wide-ranging interview to mark Aviva’s sponsorship renewal of the Aviva Stadium, the two national managers sat down with Maria Crowe to ll things sport, management and what it’s like on match day in Aviva Stadium.

When asked about what it takes to be a good national boss, Schmidt said work-ethic and watching other successful managers and learning from them is paramount. The Kiwi is know for his meticulous preparation as he feels being organised is also key.

“I’m still trying to learn myself by watching managers, cross-codes and different people around the world ” Schmidt said

“I do think that you have to be organised and that you have to understand the game, and you’ve got to have a very big work ethic.”

It’s been suggested by many members of the media over the years that Schmidt like to micro-manage his players, but it appears that is not the case. According to the Ireland head coach, sometimes it’s better to just leave a player alone to do his own thing.

“There’s also an understanding of when to give them their opportunity just to prepare themselves.” Schmidt added

“Sometimes the best thing a manager can do or a coach, is step back and let them (the players) get themselves prepared for a game.”

“Particularly a mature player who knows how to prepare themselves and does a good job of it.”

You can watch the full interview below. It’s well worth a watch.

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