Jared Payne Offers Update On His Injury & Describes His New Coaching Role

Still not right.

Ulster and Ireland star Jared Payne has spoken publicly for the first time about his ongoing battle with injury. Payne has been suffering with migraines since last summer’s Lions tour, and is yet to play this season.

Speaking to Ulster Rugby TV, the Kiwi describes exactly what happened after that Chiefs game in Hamilton.

“Playing in that Chiefs game, I took a bit of a whack towards the end of it,” Payne told Ulster TV.

“I had to come off but didn’t think anything of it, a bit headachy and sore that week, but nothing too bad.

“Come the captain’s run day for the next game, think it was the Tuesday, and got back on the bus and felt a bit travel sick and pretty yuck and ever since then haven’t been quite right.

In terms of his recovery, Payne says it’s been a bit stop start, with the symptoms so far refusing to clear up.

“It’s been a bit stop start, there’s been times when it hasn’t been too bad and other times when it’s been pretty bad.

“We’ve given it a few cracks at different things to get it right and trying to get back, but unfortunately nothing has cleared everything up just yet.

“We’ll see how we go with a bit of rest over the next month and see where we go from there.”

Labeled once as Ireland’s “defensive leader”, Payne has been working with Ulster’s defence mainly in his new role helping out the coaching ticket.

“(I’m) doing a bit of work at the moment on the defence side of things.”

“And just helping the boys with different skills and that.”

Here’s hoping we get to see him back out on a pitch again at some stage.

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