Jamie Roberts Thinks He Knows Why So Many Players Are Getting Injury Lately

Wales and Harlequins centre Jamie Roberts has blamed the new law changes for the current injury crisis.

A number of Premiership teams have suffered hugely this season, with the Wasps and Bath game over the weekend a perfect example. Both sides were missing at least 13 players a piece.

And now Roberts, who is a qualified doctor, has pointed his finger at the news laws currently being trialled, which include changes to both the tackle and the ruck area.

‘The ball in play time is higher. The collisions are tough, everyone can see there’s been quite a few injuries. The physio room has resembled a bit of a morgue at times,” Roberts said in The Daily Mail
“One thing I have noticed is defences during first, second and third phases are not competing for the ball. They are just making that tackle and filling the field so there’s not too much space out there to try and exploit.”
“And that means there’s a lot of two-man collisions, you’re getting halted by a couple of blokes rather than one.”
“Whether that has an influence on the injury rate, I don’t know, it’s hard to quantify. The game has always been attritional, it’s never been too different and we carry on.”
‘There are not many who get through their whole career without having to have an operation. I think you’re only 100 per cent fit in your first game of rugby.”

What do you think? Does Roberts have a point?

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