James Lowe Brilliantly Slags Johnny Sexton Over Kicking In Wales Match


James Lowe and Johnny Sexton have made it a bit of a habit of slagging each other off on social media, ever since the Ireland playmaker decided to open up a Twitter and Instagram account.

The New Zealander is usually the one trying to egg Sexton on, but in fairness to to the Irishman, he gives back just as good as he takes.

Lowe’s latest attempt to draw Sexton out is some of his best work yet. Sexton was instrumental in Ireland’s bonus-point win over Wales the weekend, but his place-kicking was was off the mark, especially by his usual high standards.

Sexton missed a number of kicks you’d usually expect him to get. He was carrying a bit of a back problem though, so that may explain it.

Still. That hasn’t stopped James Lowe from taking the piss out of his Leinster teammate.

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