‘Eddie’s Not A F****** Idiot’ – James Haskell Hits Out Over England Criticism

“It’s Madness.”

England and Wasps flanker has fired back at those criticising England and calling for head coach Eddie Jones to be sacked.

Haskell said people are starting to think rugby is football, and that it’s crazy to think Jones should be sacked after losing three games on the trot, when you consider his record before that.

“It’s madness,” Haskell told The Daily Mail

“Obviously losing three games was hugely disappointing but some of the reaction is a crock of s***.

“How many games did we win before the Six Nations? We lose three and people think rugby’s football. People want to kick everyone out and fire everyone, but how many of those offer an alternative? It’s absolute crap.”

Haskell says what Jones has done for England since the 2015 Rugby World Cup is “unprecedented” and that building a great time takes time.

“Eddie’s not a f****** idiot. What he’s done since the World Cup is unprecedented. I’d hate to work in football. Chelsea managers come and go like the wind. It’s cretinous that people think you can just bring in a new coach and you win.”

“Look, I’ve played in New Zealand and it’s not like the All Blacks play a secret game that no one else understands,” Haskell continued.

“People forget that the All Blacks took a long time to win a World Cup. They ballsed it up in France in 2007. There’s no magic wand. Developing a team takes time.”

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