It Appears Israel Folau Could Have Saved His Career If He Did One Simple Thing

No dice.

Controversial Wallabies fullback Israel Folau could have potentially saved his career with the simple click of a button but chose not to.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting the Wallabies and Waratahs star not only refused to delete social media posts before and during his code of conduct hearing with Rugby Australia (RA), but he could not guarantee he would abstain from further posts targeting the gay community.

If Folau had of deleted the post, it would have shown remorse and dropped his contract breach to a low to mid-level range. It is understood RA require a “high-level breach” to terminate a contract.

Folau now looks set to have his four-year, $4million contract terminated by the governing body after they found he was guilty of a “high-level breach” as a result of his actions and behaviour.

The report also suggest that some of Folau’s closest friends and family were left flabbergasted by his unshakeable stance.

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