Isa Nacewa On The Wonderful Moment Shane Horgan Made Him Feel Accepted At Leinster

This is absolute top class from Shane Horgan.

Arriving at a new club is always difficult for a player, especially when you pack your bags and head off to an entirely different country.

Isa Nacewa arrived in Ireland back in 2008, and you’d swear he’s been here all his life. He is adored by fans and has very much become a hugely integral part of both Leinster’s success and their rugby family.

Speaking to The42, Nacewa has revealed the moment he knew he was accepted at the Irish province.

I remember sitting in a meeting the following year very early on in pre-season. I think I was classed as NIQ, non-Irish qualified, player. Shaggy stopped the meeting dead in its’ tracks and said: ‘we don’t have any NIQ, non-Irish players, we have Leinster players.”
“That coming from Shaggy… how do you not feel accepted? That’s the way its’ been ever since. My girls were born here, so I feel part of the furniture. That’s for sure.”

A wonderful moment and exactly what rugby is all about.

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