The Irish Rugby Players Pocketed A HUGE Bonus Thanks To Their Grand Slam Win

Well earned.

The Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) are already in line to receive around €4.75 million in prize money from the Six Nations thanks to their Grand Slam heroics. And a good chunk of that will go to the men who helped make it happen on the pitch.

As part of the IRFU’s policy of retaining their players in the provincial system, players contracts are incentivised and so they receive roughly a third of the prize money which goes the way of the IRFU.

This is based on appearances in the 23-man matchday squad, meaning that those players who have been regulars throughout the five-game campaign are already in line for a bonus of around €60,000 per player, or €12,000 per game.

Now that they’ve completed a famous Grand Slam, the Irish players are line to receive another €15,000, The Irish Times reports. This would bring them up to a whopping €75,000 per player.

Not bad at all.

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