Irish Government Spokesman Calls For Radical Change In Rugby Following Schools Incident

A Fine Gael senator has called for the IRFU to make the wearing of protective headgear compulsory for rugby players.

Senator Kieran O’Donnell raised the issue in the Seanad, in wake of the Munster Schools Junior Cup game being stopped after ten minutes play this week, when three players suffered concussion injuries.

The game between St. Munchin’s College and PBC was abandoned, after three players were rushed to Cork University Hospital.


What I really want is that the IRFU would make the wearing of head gear, particularly for junior cup players, compulsory and particularly for forward players,” said O’Donnell.

“The comparison I would make is with hurling in the GAA where they introduced the use of compulsory wearing of headgear first for underage players and it developed then for senior players.

“Even if you look at senior level of rugby some of our players have got multiple concussions. It’s something that we need to look at.”

“The game has changed, backs are required to tackle and be defensive. We see the way Brian O’Driscoll’s game changed over the years.

“I hope in the spirit of friendship that it will be replayed,”

“I welcome the fact that the PBC players visited the St Munchin’s players in hospital in Cork.”

The game has since been rescheduled by Munster Rugby. What do you think? Should protective head gear be made compulsory in rugby, at least at schools level?

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