IRFU Nutritionist Gives Intriguing Insight Into What Meals To Eat Pre-Game And When

2015 Rugby World Cup Warm-Up Match, Aviva Stadium, Ireland 29/8/2015 Ireland vs Wales Ireland team General View Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Billy Stickland

IRFU performance nutritionist Nora Ní Fhlannagain has offered some great dietary tips as part of the IRFU’s In Touch series.

In this episode Ní Fhlannagain tackles the question – What time should rugby players stop eating before bed? She answers:

“There is really no [set] time you should stop eating before bed. In fact, having a high protein bed-time snack – like beans on toast or yoghurt with berries – will help young players get the calories they need to fuel their training, as well as protein to help their muscles grow and repair into the night.”

Ní Fhlannagain has also given an insight into the pre-match meals preferred by Ireland’s senior players. She says:

“The best pre-match meal is one you are really familiar with and sits well in your stomach.

“Two favourite options of the Irish team are spaghetti bolognese and chicken with sweet potatoes. Some players find it difficult to take on a big meal so they prefer to have a selection of small snacks, like porridge and pancakes.

“A pre-match meal should focus on healthy carbohydrates and you should eat it about three hours before kick-off.”

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