IRFU Confirm Number Of International Drug Tests Has Decreased.

The IRFU released a report on Friday disclosing the decrease in the number of tests conducted on senior players.

There was 19 in total carried out in the 2012/13 season which is a major decrease of 74% from the 2011/12 season where there was 73 tests carried out.

Of the 19 tests carried out on players categorised as senior XV’s only two were done in competition.

The report also states an increase in the number of tests carried out at provincial, Under 20 and academy level.

Dr. Una May director of anti-doping for the Irish Sports Council (ISC), who oversee the tests, explains that the IRFU grouping of players is different from the ISC approach.

“For sure, we have tested more than two international players. We don’t identify athletes the way the IRFU might, but we would reach them through testing in the RaboDirect Pro12 and the Heineken Cup.”

When it comes to provincial level, in-competition testing rose from just six to 38 and out of competition samples almost doubled reaching a total of 64. The number of academy players tested rose to 11.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the IRFU added that their anti-doping unit believes a focus on out of competition testing can be more beneficial.

Across 166 tests in total – a figure which has also increased year on year, from 154 – there was one positive test for a non-performance enhancing substance.

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