Ireland’s Rugby World Cup 2023 Bid Could Be In Big Trouble

On the day Ireland submit their final documents for the Rugby World Cup 2023 bid, a huge legislative issue with Ireland’s hosting has arisen.

The Irish Independent are reporting that Minister for Sport, Shane Ross, has written a letter to the Oireachtas that states he has received advice from the Attorney General that emergency legislation would be required to support Ireland’s bid to host the tournament.

In the letter, Minister Ross says that “a matter of urgency” has arisen and that the draft legislation he is proposing is necessary to support the staging of the Rugby World Cup in 2023.

“The draft guarantees to be provided by the State to support the staging of the tournament were received from the Rugby World Cup Limited (RWCL) on April 7,” it reads.
“After consideration of the vires (powers) of the Minister, the Office of the Attorney General advised on May 4 that express statutory authority through the passing of primary legislation is necessary for a Minister to provide the necessary guarantees,”

Mr Ross said the hosting of the event would prove “very beneficial, not just for sport but for the economy through increased visitor numbers and unparalleled international attention.”

After receiving advice from the Attorney General, Minister Ross drafted the Rugby World Cup 2023 Bill (2017) to help support Ireland’s bid and it was approved by the cabinet last week. The bill however, needs to pass through Oireachtas by the summer recess which is at the end of July.

Minister Ross has attempted to fast track the emergency legislation by writing a letter requesting that the Oireachtas committee be bypassed.

“Given the urgency of the legislation, I have asked the House Business Committee not to refer the Bill to the Joint Committee on Transport, Tourism and Sport to move instead to drafting by the Office of the Parliamentary Draughtsmen. I trust you understand the reason for this approach is to do everything in my power to secure passage of this vital piece of legislation in an extremely constrained time period.” 

Fingers and toes crossed lads.

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