Ireland Team Manager Set To Look To Conor McGregor To Motivate Irish Rugby Team


Former Ireland international Paul Dean is set to take over as Ireland team manager once the November series comes to end this weekend.

Dean will replace outgoing manager Mick Kearney who has has left him with a hell of an act to follow. Dean is a triple crown winner with Ireland and brings with him a wealth of experience to the job.

His first task however will not be easy with Kearney challenging him continue his trend of bringing in motivational speakers over the years by getting the one speaker he was unable to acquire.


“I organised Usain Bolt, Rory McIlroy, Barry McGuigan, Niall Quinn, Sonia O’Sullivan, lots of good sportspeople, to talk to the lads but the one person they really want to get in now is Conor McGregor,” Kearney told the Daily Mail.

“They felt I might be able to pull that off before I left. I’ve a connection through someone I know to his coach John Kavanagh. If I can assist when I’m gone I will do that, but as I said to Paul I have to leave somebody for him to get because we have got a lot of the good ones in.


It’s no surprise the UFC champion is top of most people’s motivational speaker list, given what he has achieved, in such a short space of time.

“McGregor’s a superstar,” Kearney continued.

“What he has achieved is quite incredible, to be a double world champion. He’s brave and the way he trains seemingly is second to none.

“There’s a lot of admiration. When it comes to the talk, at the end of the day Conor is trying to sell tickets and pay-per-views but beneath it all he’s a seriously good athlete.

“Our guys admire seriously good athletes from around the world and they would like to find out how he mentally prepares for his fights.”

Several of the Irish rugby team have come out in recent weeks expressing their admiration towards the MMA star. Vice-captain Jamie Heaslip claimed McGregor is probably the greatest sports person Ireland has ever produced following his historic win at UFC 205.

Will McGregor accept? We certainly hope so.

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