Ireland Set To Be Crowned 2020 Guinness Six Nations Champions


Ireland are set to be crowned 2020 Six Nations champions despite the fact that the championship still has some fixtures left to play.

The ongoing worldwide pandemic has wreaked havoc on the sporting calendar with the entire final round of the Six Nations postponed along with Ireland’s penultimate round clash with Italy.

But rather than play the games at a later date, it has been decided that Andy Farrell’s side are now the official 2020 champions for a number of reasons.

England were ruled out immediately as possible champions, simply because no one likes them and we’ve enough to deal with at the moment than have them win something.

Wales have been crap this year and got battered by Ireland in Dublin so that was them out. France meanwhile couldn’t seriously be considered as champions because well – this is France we’re talking about. A nation of absolute bottlers.

Obviously Italy were never considered but Scotland were in contention at one stage before the entire board burst into laughter when they realised just how ridiculous of an idea that was.

But what really sealed the deal for Six Nations officials was the incredible sacrifice Ireland made earlier this month to help stop the spread of the virus.

“They closed their bloody pubs for crying out loud,” a Six Nations statement read.

“The fuckin Irish. The fuckin Irish closed their pubs. Can you imagine how difficult that was for them? What are they doing right now? Where can they go? It would actually bring a tear to your eye.

“We had to give them something and the Six Nations championship was the least we could do.

“Obviously they can’t go out on the absolute lash and enjoy it but tournament sponsors Guinness have promised to send eight cans of the good stuff to every house in Ireland to help them celebrate when we make it official this weekend with a presentation via Google Hangout.”

Congratulations Ireland. Well earned. Enjoy the celebrations. Never in doubt.

*This entire article might have been a poor attempt at an April Fool’s joke to try and put a smile on your face during these crazy times. And we hope it did.

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