Ireland Players Have Given Ian Madigan A New Nickname

Jason Hennessy

Jason Hennessy

Jason is the editor here at RugbyLAD and a proud Limerick man.
Jason Hennessy


Ian Madigan has been given a new nickname following his brilliant display when he came on for the injured Johnny Sexton in yesterday’s win over France.

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Madigan rose to the challenge in style and Rob Kearney has revealed that the Leinster man took the plaudits of his team-mates at breakfast this morning when he was likened him to Paul Gascoigne after the English soccer player’s tears in the 1990 World Cup.

“Mads? ‘Yeah, the boys were calling him Gazza inside there at breakfast,” said Kearney.

“I think it was a day where he really stood up. We needed him to come on and really take control of things and he did. It was brilliant.”

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