Ireland International Emerges As Early “Practical Joker” In Lions Camp


Every good squad needs a practical joker or two – especially when if you’re gonna be locked away together in a bubble for 8-10 weeks.

Lions tours especially are famous for having one or two messers in the pack that bring the squad together and help players have a laugh and not take things too serious all the time given the magnitude of the Test series they have ahead of them.

And it appears a surprising candidate has already emerged in Ireland centre Bundee Aki. Assistant coach Gregor Townsend dropped both his and Liam Williams’ name today when asked about the early frontrunners within the camp.

It’s early days yet but these two seem to be the ones to watch.

“It’s hard to tell just yet,” Townsend told us when asked if any pranksters have emerged yet.

“I think Liam Williams has got that side in him. There’s been a few messages in the WhatsApp, I could see him coming through.

“Bundee Aki [too]… I think it’ll be a back. They’ve not emerged fully yet but they’re a great bunch and they’re getting on really well with each other. We’ve had a couple of social occasions, they’re forming that togetherness very quickly.

“[Liam and Bundee] They’re the practical jokers – but no one is the butt of the jokes, yet!”

Conor Murray meanwhile said the usual suspects are back from previous tours and mentioned Scotland centre Chris Harris as another player to keep an eye on.

“There’s a few!” Murray said.

“There’s loads of frontrunners, lads you know from previous tours, guys coming through that you haven’t seen before like Chris Harris, who’s a funny guy. I’m getting to know him quite well off the pitch.”

We’re already looking forward to the ‘behind the scenes’ documentary when it comes out after the tour!

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