Ireland & England Set To Battle It Out In Special Match Next Month

This is going to be class.

Ireland and England are set to battle it out in a special exhibition match next month.

Canterbury’s Rugby Fit Experiment will see an amateur team from Ireland and an amateur team from England undergo an intense 4-week training programme designed to get them #RugbyFit for the start of the new season.

The Irish team will be trained by fitness expert Brian Keane and will be known as team RugbyLAD. Ireland international Robbie Henshaw will coach the RugbyLAD team as they look to get in better shape than their English counterparts who will be coached by England captain Dylan Hartley.

The English amateur team will be known as team RugbyDump, with the two teams set to do battle on the pitch in September.

Training will include:

Week 1 – Initiation
Week 2 – Strength
Week 3 – Flexibility
Week 4 – Speed
Week 5 – Agility
Week 6 – Game

The training regime can be followed via Canterbury’s Hub from Monday the 28th of August.

You can watch the first part in our series below as Brian meets the RugbyLAD team for the first time and takes them through their ‘initiation week.’ This sees the team given a motivational talk ahead of the programme, and put through their paces in a test of explosive speed.

The test is a 20m sprint from a flat press up start and then reverse into bear crawl back to the start to see who can get the quickest time. This tests the lads’ speed, agility and power.

Stay tuned to for the rest of the episodes on RugbyLAD, RugbyDump and Canterbury’s channels.

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