Ireland 20s Star Demonstrates Excellent Knowledge Of The Game With Super Clever Try

Know your laws.

Ireland have just taken the lead against England at the time of writing in their U20’s World Championship opener, thanks to a super clever try from centre Stewart Moore.

With Ireland trailing 13-7, the men in green took an excellent kick-off to leave the English in a desperate position a few phases later, defending their own try-line.

The English scrumhalf looked to clear but some clever thinking by Moore resulted in an excellent try that was converted by Jake Flannery to give Ireland a 14-13 lead.

Moore noticed that England had rolled the ball from the base of the ruck back over their try-line. Under Law 15.18, World Rugby’s law book states that ”the ruck ends and play continues when the ball leaves the ruck or when the ball in the ruck is on or over the goal line.”

So as you can see in the clip – the ball is over the goal line, so it’s now become fair game for Moore to make an attempt at the ball because the ruck has finished and it is now open play. Super clever try.

A certain Cian Healy attempted a similar feat in the Six Nations against France this year only to knock on, while Munster’s Conor Murray took advantage against Toulon last year in the Champions Cup.

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