Interesting Developments At Racing 92 Suggest O’Gara Could Be On His Way Out


Ronan O’Gara has been asked on multiple occasions whether or not he seems himself returning to Munster.

The former playmaker has played down suggestions, revealing he feels he’s not quite ready yet to make the move home. The Racing 92 man believes he still needs to improve as a coach before making a return.

The last couple of weeks however have been telling. O’Gara has been praising both Munster and their fans for how they’ve dealt with the death of his former teammate Anthony Foley, once again proving they can mix it up with Europe’s elite.

In a number of interviews, we’ve seen a glint in O’Gara’s eyes whenever the topic of Munster is raised. The Corkman originally joined Racing as a kicking coach, before moving up to a job as defence and skills coach, a job that is seemingly about to be taken away from him next season.


Former All Blacks and current Racing back-row forward Chris Masoe is set to take up a role as defence organiser & individual skills coach with the Parisian club next season according to French media. Does this suggest O’Gara will move up the ranks, after being temporarily handed the reigns for the Thomond Park fixture? It appears not.

Coaches Laurent Travers & Labit will reportedly soon sign extensions to take them to 2021. Munster currently have a vacant head coach position as a result of Foley’s untimely death, which understandably is yet to be filled.

Could we see O’Gara perhaps take over as head coach, or defence coach with Jacques Nienaber moving up to the head coach role? Only time will tell.

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