Incredible Ireland Stat That Shows How Impressive They’ve Been


Ireland have without doubt been the best team at this year’s Six Nations. They’ve played the most attractive rugby, scored the most points and dominated their opposition up front.

As a result, they’re champions with a round to spare, and rightly so. But what has made Ireland so good this year? Well judging by these stats, a lot of it is down to their relentless physicality.

Paul O’Connell touched on it over the weekend, when a team has real clarity in how they want to play, they can execute with real physicality and aggression. And that’s exactly what Ireland have been doing.

“What Ireland have is real clarity in how they want to play. Every player, from one to 23 and probably beyond that have real clarity in how they want to play in every part of the pitch from five metres from their own line to five metres from the opposition line.” O’Connell said

“When you have clarity in what you’re doing, you can execute with real physicality and aggression.”

Ireland have scored 15 tries in their first four games, which works out at an average of 3.75 tries per game. But the stat, or stats we’re most impressed with is the tackle counts against Ireland in all four games, compared to the tackles made by Joe Schmidt’s men.

France (253) vs Ireland (113)

Ireland (106) vs Italy (175)

Ireland (89) vs Wales (225)

Ireland (150 vs (Scotland (230)

Impressive stuff, and concerning for England ahead of this weekend. Ireland are going to come at them with everything they’ve got.

Will they be able to stop them?

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