If England Lose Tonight It Could Cost The Country A Lot Of Money

England take on Australia tonight in a crucial all or nothing clash in Group A.

If they bow out they may end up costing their countries economy a lot of money according to recent reports

“No pressure lads, but if you lose this then, in addition to the shame of going out in the pool stages, you’ll cost the country about £3 billion.”

According to i100, England’s economy will miss out on £3 billion should lose to Australia tonight, and exit the Rugby World Cup before the business end of the tournament.

Alex Edmans, of the London Business School, has said that the stock market would plunge if England crash out, as the competition affects investor mood.

“A rugby loss leads to a next day decline of 0.15 per cent, which is roughly £3bn when applied to the UK stock market.”

No pressure then LADS

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