Ian Madigan Reveals His Preferred Destination Next Season

Ian Madigan is eyeing up a return to Ireland, and open to play for any of the four provinces.

The playmaker has asked to be released early from his Bordeaux contract at the end of the season, with a movie to England initially thought to be on the cards, with Northampton touted as potential suitors.

Madigan has now revealed that his preferred destination would be a return to Leinster, while he also admitted a move to Connacht would excite him.

“Two weeks ago I had a meeting with the president which I made it clear at the start of the meeting that I want to make things work, that I want to stay in Bordeaux but there were certain things I wasn’t happy with in the club,” he said.
“It was very much a private conversation and I do believe that things will still work out for me in Bordeaux.
“It wasn’t a case of me going in there and saying I was going to leave or handing in my resignation.”

Madigan says he questions the club’s rotation policy which cost them dearly in the Champions Cup, while was also disappointed that the club will lose a key play such as veteran Wallaby international Adam Ashley-Cooper.

“One of the big reasons that I joined the club was Adam Ashley-Cooper is there,” he said.
“I talked to him at length before I joined and he ended up advising me, improving my game while I’ve been there. It’s very disappointing to hear that he hasn’t been extended by the club and it makes me question where their ambition is on that front.”


The utility back admits that while his is enjoying the lifestyle in France, the prospect of returning to Ireland and reviving his international career is something that is very much on his mind, with a return to Leinster his number one priority.

“A move back to Ireland would certainly excite me,” he said.
“There’s no doubt in my mind about that. Playing for Ireland is still the ultimate for me.
“A return to Leinster would no doubt be top of my list . . . but I would certainly be open to playing for any of the provinces.”

When asked whether he a potential move to the west of Ireland with Connacht would excite him, he replied:

“It certainly would. I’ve great memories of playing in Ireland and playing with Leinster and a move back home isn’t something I’d rule out.
“The way professional sport has gone now you have to keep an open mind with all options and a move back would probably improve my chance in getting back in the reckoning with Irish selection.
“It would definitely be something that would excite me.”

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