Ian Madigan Gives Excellent Insight Into What Makes Conor Murray So Good


It’s pretty safe to say Conor Murray is at the top of his game right now.

The Munster and Ireland nine is in the form of his life, leading many to believe he’s the best scrumhalf in rugby right now, and it’s hard to disagree with them.

Murray has become the complete player and the backbone of his province and national side. His game has evolved to a level that simply cannot be matched.

One person who knows Murray pretty well is Ian Madigan and he’s given an excellent insight today into what makes him so good. Madigan has played against Murray for Leinster and of course alongside him many times for Ireland.


Writing in his RTE column, Madigan highlights his calmness, speed, accuracy and flawless kicking among other things.

“The fact that he always appears to have so much time no matter how high the stakes is a real sign of a top class player. He is certainly that,” Madigan wrote.

“But it’s not just the visual sense of time on his hands that makes him so good. He is calm under pressure, sure, and even in the white heat of battle reverts back to what works for him, and that’s the attribute you want from your key players in high pressure situations.

“He is also one of the fastest, most accurate passers in the game and his box kicking is incredibly consistent. Box kicking is a skill that is so difficult to be consistent with but Conor makes it look like a golf shot.

“He is also deceptively fast, running off the back of mauls, ‘8/9s’ off scrums…and he is very effective at drawing defenders and making space for others.

“And of course, once inside the ’22’, his try record is testament enough to the quality of his sniping breaks. He only needs a crack in the window to sneak through – let’s hope they appear on Saturday and we get off to the Six Nations start we need.”

How important do you think Murray is for Ireland this year if they are to challenge for the title?

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